About Us

FB Excellence has been growing at an incredibly fast pace and I couldn’t be less proud of that. Our company believes in the motto, “The personality is the first, and skill is the second.” Our teamwork is what sets us apart from other companies. We believe we can achieve greater things when we work together. We take into account every employee’s opinions and try to come up with the best possible outcome. Our customers’ choices always come first for us and our designs and products are inspired by our customer feedback. We use the highest quality of fabric in the market. We strive to come up with simple designs which please our customers. Our pursuit for comfortable clothes is what makes us loved by everyone. We promise to continue to keep on working hard so that we can meet everyone’s expectations, while leading the way for an environmental friendly, and socially conscious business.

The vision and aspiration of our clients have enabled us to create strong bondage of partnership, successfully implement state of the art solution to adapt, evolve and implement designs for the ever-changing world.

Establishment: September 2013

Managing Director
Mosfiq Us Salaheen